Dump Run Service:

1.) TAX: All pricing listed excludes the 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax.
2.) ATTEMPT FEES: If customer fails to reschedule or cancel job prior to 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford dispatching a Driver a $75 (trip/attempt) fee will be charged to customer.
3.) NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS are to be included in the materials to be hauled.
4.) DISPOSAL FEES are included in the pricing up to 1 ton of material. Any overage in weight will be billed at $100 per ton prorated. (These invoices are due upon receipt.)
5.) ADDITIONAL LABOR CHARGES are $75 per hour per truck load, beyond the allotted 1 hour of standard loading time.
6.) PAYMENT is due prior to or upon completion of service unless otherwise noted by a 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford authorized representative.
7.) RETURN CHECK POLICY: Customer agrees to pay a processing fee of $25 for all checks returned due to insufficient funds, and further agrees that their entire account balance is immediately due and payable upon notification from 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford that the check was returned. (Payment must be in the form of cash, credit card or certified check).
8.) INTEREST: In the event the customer fails to make payment in accordance with the terms stated above, 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford shall be entitled to charge interest on unpaid balances at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% annually). The customer shall be liable for all costs of collection including, but not limited to court fees and attorney's fees incurred by 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford as a result of the failure by the customer to make payment when due hereunder.

9.) LIABILITY: Customer agrees to accept all liability in connection with placement of this container; including but not limited to damage to pavement, landscaping, as well as lawn and other physical property.
10.) ACCEPTANCE of pricing, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory, and hereby accepted and 1-800 Dump Runs of Hartford, LLC is authorized to do the work as specified.


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